Looking for a reputable piercing artist?

I own and operate Exotix Studios which was located on the south end of the Church Street Village for 8 years. I now pierce, scar, and perform mods out of our new location at Queen and Spadina.

I have built a solid reputation for myself in the piercing industry by not cutting corners, supplying the highest quality jewellery in the industry, using only the best procedures and the safest sterilization methods.

I provide all my clients with safe, professional, confidential services and try to ensure a positive experience in a comfortable environment. Every client receives both oral and written aftercare as well as all my contact information to reach me for follow up appointments regarding the work they have received. I am always open to helping out clients with work they did not receive from me that may need some attention. I charge a $20 fee for these consults.

Of course you can see some of my work here online, or a full portfolio in studio. I would also like to note that I DO NOT use piercing guns, or pierce any person under the age of 18. Use your instincts and use your head. You should always feel comfortable with the studio and piercer you have chosen to do the work you have asked for. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you should leave – go with your gut feeling, it’s probably right! Don’t act impulsively or be swayed by a low price. You generally get what you paid for and most piercings or modifications should not be a rash decision. Put some thought towards what you would like to get done and get referrals on a studio and piercer from knowledgeable friends or people you trust.