I only use the very best quality jewellery in the industry and have come to set the standard when it comes to body jewellery in Toronto. I have always sought out the number one company producing that specific product, and have never been shy about discussing with clients the companies that I use. I believe 100% in all of the jewellery I sell at my studio and the companies producing these products. I have extremely high standards when it comes to what products I carry and demand the same from my suppliers. I have been very fortunate to work with companies that have the same beliefs and ethics as me and they are proud to produce some of the most amazing jewellery in the industry to date.

I have listed these companies under Links so you can go directly to their sites and research them as well. At this point, I would like to share some information that sets these companies and me apart from the competition, as well as educate people about some common myths.

Not all body jewellery companies are alike and most of them are producing very low quality jewellery that may be harmful to you and your piercing. Always seek out a studio that is using high quality body jewellery produced by a company that has a really good reputation. No studio should hide this information from their clients, and you should never feel uncomfortable asking different studios about their products. It’s your body and you have the right to know what quality of service and products you are receiving. Always do your homework, gather as much information as you can and check into some of these companies’ websites. All reputable body jewellery companies have their own websites with some really good information. Unfortunately body jewellery does not need to meet specific standards or regulations in Canada, so therefore you must do some research and deal strictly with companies who care about your health as much as you do.

Things to look for when doing your research:

Internal Threading V.S. External Threading

I still have to wonder why, after so many years of knowing that internally threaded jewellery is so much better for you and your piercing, that 95% of studios in Toronto still choose to use externally threaded jewellery? Internal Threading may cost you more, but in this case you really do get what you pay for. Internal threading means there are no threads catching on your fresh piercing during the initial insertion, as well, you won’t loose your beads as often. Not to mention the care and craftsmanship of and internal piece of jewellery is far more superior to that of an external piece.


All of the gem sets I use are actually set, NOT glued. Again, 95% of studios in the city of Toronto are using plastic, glass pieces or foil backed crystals that are made to replicate real or synthetic gem stones. These gem pieces are glued to the jewellery, which of course after several weeks begin to fall off. All of my stones are the highest quality synthetic gemstones available, and are cut with the same faceting pattern as the most expensive precious gemstones (Genuine gemstones available upon request).

Gold Jewellery:

All of my gold jewellery is 18k, solid stock not tubing and solid balls, not hollow. All my white gold is Palladium based. When searching for gold, remember, quality and price are going to go hand in hand. Make sure once again that all threads are internal and gems are all high quality and set, not glued.

There are many companies using 14k gold, and a handful of companies still making pieces that are gold plated, meaning the core of the piece is made from an inferior quality metal such as nickel, copper or steel, the piece is then coated with a microscopic coating of gold. The problem with this is the plating gradually wears or flakes off, exposing the inferior base metal beneath, and creating a source of possible allergic reaction or constant irritation.

I always have a great selection of body jewellery in studio and I am always taking orders for custom pieces as well. Let your mind go, use some imagination and choose to wear a piece that will make a statement about yourself. I love consulting with clients to create some truly unique and interesting designs. Using different materials, colors, designs and stones the selection is absolutely unlimited.

I am still the only studio in Toronto to use internally threaded jewellery exclusively, proper gemstones that are either semi-precious or laboratory created, NEVER plastic and NEVER glued, and 18k gold jewellery made from solid stock with solid balls. I’ve always been forthcoming when it comes to who I use as my suppliers and am very proud to say that I use Anatometal exclusively for all my Titanium, Niobium and Gold jewellery,  as well as all of my pieces with gemstones. All of my glass products come from our friends at Gorilla Glass and is truly some of the best glass I’ve ever seen and used. We also carry Tawapa for all our organics, silver and unique stone plugs. Please check out these companies websites, and get a good close up look here at Exotix Studios.